[Pdx-pm] Building systems...

Nick Wehr nick2canz at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 30 12:07:05 CDT 2003

Hello wizards... I was wondering....

I am researching ways to implement a pure perl
application which would -

* interface with mySql database
* process incoming requests from TCP and SOAP sockets
* process multiple tasks in the background
* perform large mathmatical calculations

I hope this is enough to give you an idea.  I'm
expecting this app to handle a lot of traffic from many

So I just discovered POE... it sounds like it would
work.  Any success stories?  Also, I've played with PDL
which I will throw my large numbers at to munch... and
of course the SOAP toolkit.

Any suggestions?  Am I overlooking something?  Wake me
up!  Give me some feedback.

Thanks everyone.

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