[Pdx-pm] gt b4 OSCON?

Joshua Hoblitt jhoblitt at ifa.hawaii.edu
Mon Jun 30 03:13:41 CDT 2003

> Sounds good to me. How about another Perl Clinic / Game Night at It's a
> Beautiful Pizza? That was a big success last time... six months ago. My,
> how time flies.
>     It's a Beautiful Pizza
>     (across the street from) 3341 SE Belmont
>     503-233-5444

Can you get a decent pint there?

> How does Tuesday (or Wednesday?) look for anyone? Reply by private e-mail
> or to the list. Start around 6:30 PM, but you can arrive as late as you
> want, of course. I'll bring Zendo again.

I'd say Wed. so we have another day to talk about the location.  6:30pm is a bit early for me but I'd show up eventually.

> > I don't have any particular location in mind but an open AP would be
> > nice. :)
> I can probably arrange that, so long as you don't need too much bandwidth,
> and so long as my batteries don't run out. But don't count on having net
> access provided.

I should have qualified that further... to include access to the cloud. :)



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