[Pdx-pm] gt b4 OSCON?

Tom Phoenix rootbeer at redcat.com.pm.org
Sun Jun 29 21:30:08 CDT 2003

On Sun, 29 Jun 2003, Joshua Hoblitt wrote:

> perhaps some people wouldn't mind a social get together in the coming
> week.

Sounds good to me. How about another Perl Clinic / Game Night at It's a
Beautiful Pizza? That was a big success last time... six months ago. My,
how time flies.

    It's a Beautiful Pizza
    (across the street from) 3341 SE Belmont

The idea is that you bring us your tired, poor Perl code yearning to
breathe free. We help you hack on it while we enjoy pizza and beer. When
the code is thoroughly hacked, we bring out the games and the
spouse/sweetheart/significant other that you brought along for the
evening.... and the fun don't stop.

How does Tuesday (or Wednesday?) look for anyone? Reply by private e-mail
or to the list. Start around 6:30 PM, but you can arrive as late as you
want, of course. I'll bring Zendo again.

> I don't have any particular location in mind but an open AP would be
> nice. :)

I can probably arrange that, so long as you don't need too much bandwidth,
and so long as my batteries don't run out. But don't count on having net
access provided.

--Tom Phoenix

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