[Pdx-pm] Piers Cawley

Ovid poec at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 3 22:41:51 CDT 2003

Uh, whoops!  I done boo-booed.

Hi all.  Piers Cawley (sends out Perl6 summaries, amongst many other things he does for the Perl
community) and his wife will be attending OSCON and staying at my place for the duration. 
Unfortunately, due to an unexpected turn of events, I will be out of town on Sunday, his first
full day in Portland and I've had some trouble scaring up someone to show the couple around for
that day.

Any Perl Mongers care play to to show a couple of Brits how wonderful pdx hospitality can be? 
Please contact me offlist if you can.  Sending a phone # would be smashing.  I hope to get this
SNAFU cleared up soon so I can rest easy :)


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