[Pdx-pm] Re: PB and J (Was: Free Geek Programming Classes)

m_pl_com at wickline.org m_pl_com at wickline.org
Thu Jan 16 08:13:22 CST 2003

2003_01_15, schwern at pobox.com wrote:
 > we will be smearing things with peanut butter and jelly

The first (and only) time I did that, I lucked out.

I'd spent hours on the program and done a sufficiently-decent job right 
until the very end. Fortunately, I neglected to specify *where* to set 
down the metalic spreading device. It was released where it had just 
been used, which posed a problem after the two parts were combined (with 
the device left between them).

Fortunately, gravity helped me out and the device slipped and fell from 
the middle just before my computer took a byte. My computer suffered no 
damage as a result of my error, but could very well have had a broken 
tooth if luck hadn't smiled on me that day.


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