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Free Geek is starting up a series of programming classes beginning from
square one and working up through basic web and database design with PHP
(hey, its better than JSP which is what they're using now).  There's one
class every Tuesday night, two hours to a class, revolving around a
real rewrite of Free Geek's inventory and volunteer tracking database.

I'm teaching the first class, Programming Concepts, this Tuesday 7-9pm
covering the basic of the basic basics.  The nuts & bolts type stuff:
logic & flow control, data types, scope, etc... and the more
insubstantial stuff: algorithic thinking, code as prose and human
communication, making useful mistakes, how to read a man page, etc...

Also, we will be smearing things with peanut butter and jelly.

Most folks on these lists will already be well beyond what's being
taught, but you might want to send on friends, significant others,
relatives, pets & cowerkers who might be interesting in learning about
the Interweb.  Or maybe you'd just like to come and heckle^Wsupport me.

It'll be interesting.  This is my first time teaching a beginner's

Please RSVP to richard at freegeek.org so we have some idea of the audience 

Free Geek
1731 SE 10th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214

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Subject: [freegeek-coders] Programming Classes Coming up

FREE GEEK is offering several programming classes in the near future. 
Collectively, these classes will help FREE GEEK re-implement its 
database application in a programming language called PHP, while 
teaching participants how to create web based database applications.

If you have question about any of the following classes, or to sign up, 
please contact richard at freegeek.org.

* For people new to programming, there will be a one night seminar 
entitled "Introduction to Programming Concepts" from 7 to 9 pm on 
Tuesday, January 21 at FREE GEEK. We will cover the basic concepts of 
flow control (branching, loops, etc.), using modules, calling 
procedures, using objects, and the like. This class is language 
independant and will likely draw from PHP and Perl for examples. This 
class is recommended for people who want to learn programming, but have 
had no training.

* We will be offering a six or seven week long programming class 
starting Tuesday, January 28, from 7 to 9 pm at FREE GEEK, running every 
Tuesday night through February and into early March. The class will be 
called "Intro to Developing Web Applications using PHP and SQL". The 
core of the class revolves around going through part of the code used in 
FREE GEEK's database. The class will be taught by a small group of 
volunteer teachers with experience in SQL, HTML, and PHP.  Homework 
assignments will be reviewed by the teachers and potentially included in 
FREE GEEK's database application, which is being converted to PHP. This 
class is open to anyone regradless of skill level, but if you are new to 
programming, please attend "Introduction to Programming Concepts" above.

* For people who have some PHP experience and want more, the outline for 
"Intro to Developing Web Applications using PHP and SQL" will be made 
available. You will be able to follow along without needing to attend 
class. We can give you a small project to work on and review your code.

* Watch for some advanced topics seminars coming up as well. We intend 
to hold seminars on application packagings, writing install scripts, 
writing init scripts, refactoring your code, and CVS. Details are not 
yet finalized.

Reminder: FREE GEEK is closed Saturday (January 18, in honor of the 
Martin Luther King holiday).

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