[Pdx-pm] Lightning Talks Meeting

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Wed Feb 5 18:51:36 CST 2003

The next meeting is less than a week away. If you've been thinking about
giving a Lightning Talk, now is the time to well, procrastinate slightly
less. :-) Seriously, let me know so I can plan for it.

If you want to talk:
+ Whiteboard will be provided.
+ My laptop will be too. If you want to use it, bring a CD or floppy
  with your presentation in HTML.
- Probably no network.
? We don't have a projector. If you can borrow one for the night, 
  please talk to me. We also don't have a backdrop to project onto,
  although a white sheet will do in a pinch. Again, talk to me.
We're transitioning the Portland Perl Mongers' website around in DNS-land so
the usual website is temporarily out of order. 

Randall is serving it at his website:

  Portland Perl Mongers Lightning Talks Meeting


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