[Pdx-pm] Sorry CGI question

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Fri Dec 12 19:37:45 CST 2003

I used to hate to see these type of questions on the the other perl lists.  
Every new perl user was doing it for CGI and thought that was the only use 
for perl...  Oh well here goes.

I have a CGI script that does it all: from initial screen through all the 
options to final completion.  It uses CGI.pm to pull form variables with 
one being 'action'.  The problem is if a user clicks reload the last 
action (tries to) execute again.  I haven't figured out where my logic 
falls apart so it only half works on a reload.  What I'm trying to do it 
is kludge a temporary fix.

Is there a way to end a CGI script with dynamic content (username,
connection info, etc.) so that a reload/refresh won't rerun the CGI 

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