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Thought folks here mind find this drool-worthy.  $300/month (+ local loop) 
T1 from a good ISP.

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This may border on advertisement, but we need to pump up some revenues so 
I'm going out on a limb.

We're about to add capacity (thanks, ELI!) to provide very inexpensive 
Internet Access T1 service.  By inexpensive, I mean $299/mo plus local loop 
for a full T1 of Internet Access.

How much does a local loop cost?  Well, if you're in an ELI-lit building 
downtown, as little as about $50/mo.  If you're on Hawthorne and we use 
Qwest, then more like $180/mo.  If you're in Gresham on Verizon, then like 
$362/mo.  But considering that it's a full T1 at between $349/mo and 
$661/mo depending on your geography, that's still a screaming deal.

Help us add new T1 customers.  If you're in the position of recommending 
network services, we'll figure out a sweet referral bonus if you're 

Sorry if I've crossed the line here.  Must add customers!


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