[Pdx-pm] programming technique meeting clarification

John Goalby jgoalby at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 27 17:32:07 CDT 2002


I would like to suggest another possibility:

That one person takes the current chapter/topic and creates a presentation.  
I would volunteer to start this if people like the idea.  Not only does this 
disseminate information but also gives people experience presenting 

I would expect an open and interactive presentation, so nothing too formal.



>Mark>You are the programmer's Oprah!
>(I think I'm scared of that...)
>Okay, to stop being so obtuse, this is what I'm actually thinking:
>Each meeting will have the following structure:
>1. Programming technique TOPIC - provided at first by the sections in the
>2. Reading of the relevant topic section - so "doing homework" isn't
>required, and classist issues are avoided
>3. Moderated discussion - you wanna say something about the topic, raise
>your hand, get yr name on a list, and argue it all out.  What is good about
>this technique?  What is bad?  When should it be used?  Have you used it?
>What would you do different? stuff like that.  I've run moderated
>discussions using this format for a similar group of individualistic,
>opinionated folks, and it works really well.
>4. Practical exercises - do the challenge in the book, or have some code 
>brought in to illustrate a good or bad technique, possibly do code reviews
>which consist of:  What is elegant about this piece of code?  What is 
>And WHY for both answers.
>I would like this group to be NO MORE THAN 20 PEOPLE.  I would like to talk
>about programming in general, but when it comes down to practical exercises
>focus mainly on Perl (else my head may explode any you'll all get covered 
>The topic of programming theory & practice is infinite, so I really want to
>keep these constraints on it.  I've somewhat hesitated to lay it out like
>this for fear of sounding fascist :-)
>If someone else wants to organize a large reading group at Powell's, go for
>it (& I'll probably show up!), but that's not quite was I was after.  After
>hearing this rant, anyone still interested? ;-)
>(p.s. if we decide to continue w/this, we may want to start another elist)
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