[Pdx-pm] Report: perl clinic and game night

Tom Phoenix rootbeer at redcat.com
Sat Nov 23 13:16:58 CST 2002

Well, we had the perl clinic and game night yesterday. It was about five
percent perl (and related stuff), 95 percent games, pizza, and beer. We
had five or six participants, not counting the folks who came by to ask
what game we were playing.

The big hit of the night was Zendo. Close behind it was Ice Towers,

We got started on Chrononauts too late, so we weren't able to finish even
a practice game, alas. Maybe next time.

The restaurant, It's a Beautiful Pizza, was a good venue for us. There was
live piano music during part of the evening. The pizza was great. I didn't
try the beer, but I heard no complaints about it either.

I'm not sure when we'll try to do this again; December is generally a busy
time. But maybe in January.

--Tom Phoenix

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