[Pdx-pm] Easy money at the social meeting

Tom Phoenix rootbeer at redcat.com
Tue Nov 12 00:53:14 CST 2002

First of all, remember that Wednesday (that's _tomorrow_, for people who
don't read their e-mail before midnight, and today for people who don't
read it until Wednesday morning) is this month's tech meeting. All come
forth, all come forth to hear Ingy!

And for people going to the social-meeting-before-the-tech-meeting, at the
Rose & Raindrop, want to earn some easy money? Here's how it works: If we
have six or more people there, the R&R automatically tacks on a 15%
gratuity. But if we ask for separate checks, that automatically becomes a
20% gratuity. Let's see... With some reasonable assumptions, I'd say that
the person who calculates those separate checks for our convenience earns
on the order of $100 per hour during their minute-and-a-half of hard work
exercising the percent key on a pocket calculator. That's a pretty good
earning rate for someone who doesn't know regular expressions.
(Calculating this reminds me of one of Brad Templeton's web pages.)


Anyway, I think we should ask Ingy to write up a Perl module to calculate
the separate checks, and... No, wait. I'm sure there's a better way than

--Tom Phoenix

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