June meeting: POE

Curtis Poe cp at onsitetech.com
Tue May 28 18:24:17 CDT 2002

Hi all,

The June meeting is coming down the pike (whatever that means).  On June 12,
Todd Caine will be giving a presentation on POE (Perl Object Environment).
>From an introduction on perl.com

    POE is a framework for building Perl programs that lends
    itself naturally to tasks which involve reacting to
    external data, such as network communications or user
    interfaces. Programs written in POE are completely non-
    linear; you set up a bunch of small subroutines and
    define how they all call each other, and POE will
    automatically switch between them while it's handling
    your program's input and output.

Place:          Onsite! Technology, Inc.
Address:        333 SE 3rd, Portland, OR
Date and Time:  2002-06-12 at 7:00 PM
URL:            http://www.onsitetech.com/

There will be a social meeting at the Rose and Raindrop
(http://nwbrewpage.com/orpubs/RoseRain.html) at 6:00 PM. The address is 532
S.E. Grand and it's about 3 blocks from the Onsite! Technology offices.

Curtis Poe
Senior Programmer
ONSITE! Technology, Inc.

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