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mark_swayne at mac.com mark_swayne at mac.com
Sat Jun 29 14:50:15 CDT 2002

I am a big fan of HTML Mason.  Verson 1.10 just came out and it makes 
using it as a CGI system as easy as using it with mod_perl, among other 
nice new features.  See http://masonhq.com/ for more information.

Mason allows you to mix Perl into your HTML files to make them dynamic.  
Mason files, called components, are compiled into Perl scripts and then 
cached.  When a request is processed, then Mason only has to eval the 
cached Perl script.  Mason's templating model uses special components, 
known as autohandlers and dhandlers.  Autohandlers are templates that 
are automatically applied to any component in the same branch of the 
file system.  Dhandlers provide a way to handle requests for files that 
do not exist.  A common use of dhandlers is to map HTML files stored in 
a database onto an apparent filesystem.  Mason was designed for use with 
mod_perl, and will perform best in a mod_perl environment.  The latest 
version makes it easier to use in a CGI context, and I understand that 
it is also easier to use in a stand-alone script (I have not tried to do 
this).  The docs do a better job of explaining all this than I do.

Good luck,


> What I meant is, if you were writing a back-end perl application with a
> dynamically generated HTML interface that maintains states, uses 
> templates,
> processes information, accesses a database, etc... Which perl modules 
> would
> you(Everybody / Anybody) personally find most useful.
> I am currently using:
> Bundle::DBI (DBD::mysql)
> HTTP::Template
> The reason I am using these modules is because I have "CGI Programming" 
> by
> good ol' O'reilly, however, I saw some dates in the book that made me
> cringe, so... before I invest too much effort into eating these 
> modules, I
> figured I would see if anybody out here has any strong opinions about 
> which
> ones to use.
> Jason White


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