auto-backup across the net

Kari Chisholm karic at
Mon Jun 24 13:08:31 CDT 2002

"Randal L. Schwartz" wrote:
> Kari> I really am talking about a large stack of tiny little flatfiles
> Kari> (largest one would be maybe 100K).  Is there a reason I couldn't just
> Kari> a write a Perl script that, on a cron schedule, would cycle through
> Kari> all the files looking for ones that have been changed since X time and
> Kari> then FTP them to a second server?
> rsync would still be the best for this.  it can transfer them securely
> with ssh (you can't be serious about using FTP!), and automatucally
> handles ownership and permission, and transfer using checksums, and
> even partial transfer restart.  And it also transfers the file into a
> temp file then renames when complete, so you don't get a partially
> written file visible to the other side.
> rsync.  use rsync.

OK.  I knew there was a reason.  Thanks!


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