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Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Mon Jun 24 12:09:21 CDT 2002

>>>>> "Kari" == Kari Chisholm <karic at> writes:

Kari> Wow.  Thanks for all the discussion on this one.  

Kari> I really am talking about a large stack of tiny little flatfiles
Kari> (largest one would be maybe 100K).  Is there a reason I couldn't just
Kari> a write a Perl script that, on a cron schedule, would cycle through
Kari> all the files looking for ones that have been changed since X time and
Kari> then FTP them to a second server?

rsync would still be the best for this.  it can transfer them securely
with ssh (you can't be serious about using FTP!), and automatucally
handles ownership and permission, and transfer using checksums, and
even partial transfer restart.  And it also transfers the file into a
temp file then renames when complete, so you don't get a partially
written file visible to the other side.

rsync.  use rsync.

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