auto-backup across the net

Chris Dawson cdawson at
Thu Jun 20 19:42:07 CDT 2002

I've not looked heavily into it, but I know MySQL supports replication, 
which might be what you need.  This seems like a DB issue rather than a 
programming issue.  So, I would look into documentation for MySQL or 
Oracle or whatever database it is you are using before trying to write 
something like this in Perl.

You are using a database, right?  If you are creating your own database 
using perl scripts, well, then I guess it is a perl issue.  :)


Kari Chisholm wrote:
> Friends--
> Here's the situation.  I'm building a mission-critical web-based
> database.  It's hosted on a server at, say,
> If that server goes down, even for an hour, I want to be able to
> immediately tell my clients to switch to another server (at another
> location) at, say,
> In order to accomplish this kind of seamless transition, I need to
> ensure that data is backed up across the net in more-or-less real time
> - perhaps, every 5 minutes we ship changes to the data across the net.
> Is there an obvious solution or technology that I should be thinking
> of?  I'm almost exclusively a Perl guy, so solutions with Perl are a
> good thing, but I'm open to other thoughts...
> Thanks!
> -kari.

Chris Dawson
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