[adam@personaltelco.net: [ptp] any mod_perl guru's out there?]

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Wed Jun 12 14:22:32 CDT 2002

>>>>> "mikeraz" == mikeraz  <mikeraz at patch.com> writes:

mikeraz> I need a way to restrict the amount of resources that the map
mikeraz> server can use.  It's continuously chewing up all the RAM on
mikeraz> maus (the PTP server) and starving the process table which
mikeraz> essentially means that it can't start any new processes and
mikeraz> kills the server.

mikeraz> As I'm sure you can imagine this gets pretty annoying. :-)

mikeraz> After the last crash I restricted apache down to a maximum of
mikeraz> 3 servers and 50 concurrent sessions in the hope that it
mikeraz> would deny people access rather then serve more requests then
mikeraz> it can handle but this doesn't seem to have made a
mikeraz> difference, in fact if anything it seems to have made it
mikeraz> worse.

Are you using a reverse proxy?

Are you caching what you can?

Are you serving non-mod_perl stuff with a non-mod_perl servers?

I recently got a lot insight about working with mod_proxy and caching
servers while rebuilding www.stonehenge.com.  If you could use my
help, let me know.  I gave a presentation to pdx.pm last month about
my new structure.

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