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Hey All,

the local wireless (802.11b) group has an interactive map that shows the 
locations of wireless access nodes.  The code is still in pre-beta development
but demand has driven its "production" use.  If anyone here could help
Adam / the project team it would be a GoodThing(tm).

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Hey all.

I need a way to restrict the amount of resources that the map server can
use.  It's continuously chewing up all the RAM on maus (the PTP server)
and starving the process table which essentially means that it can't
start any new processes and kills the server.

As I'm sure you can imagine this gets pretty annoying. :-)

After the last crash I restricted apache down to a maximum of 3 servers
and 50 concurrent sessions in the hope that it would deny people access
rather then serve more requests then it can handle but this doesn't seem
to have made a difference, in fact if anything it seems to have made it

At this point all I really care about is that I can leave the map server
running and it doesn't crash the server every couple of days.  If that
means only a couple people can view it at a time ... I'm down with
that.  Currently the best solution I have is a cronjob that stops the
map server everytime the load goes over 10, but that's ugly and I
suspect not terribly reliable.

If anyone out there knows this stuff I sure would appreciate hearing
from you as mod_perl is pretty much voodoo to me.


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