Mail list predators

Jason Annin-White jasona at
Mon Jul 22 17:25:46 CDT 2002

I would just like to comment that not everybody in the list here is a 
perl pro and some of us are more adept at other languages, are making an 
effort to learn perl, but don't necesarily have the luxury of taking 
classes or spending hours reading the manuals.  I am doing OOP in perl, 
I'm not just a jack-ass trying to figure out how to make my webpage 
catalouge MP3s.  I appreciate constructive criticism such as quotes not 
being necesary when a scalar contains a string value (even if it doesn't 
come in a constructive format), however, I've gotten emails that were 
simply disparaging.  The code I provide is a functional equivalent and 
is designed to layout what I am trying to accomplish without revealing 
intellectual property which I do not have the privillege to share. 
 Sometimes it is lacking traps and such, but I am not here to ask about 
those things.

I don't understand why people who obviouly have the answers to my 
strait-forward questions respond with violence and condescention rather 
than taking an equivalent amount of time to be helpful.  This is not a 
stomping ground for the perl elite, it is a place for people like me to 
get help when they need it.  The people doing this know who they are, as 
a helpful reply is always CC'd to the list while the non-helpful ones 
are not.  If you aren't up to the task of helping others, please don't 
reply to their requests for help.

My fondness for perl is based largely on the community.  There are times 
I feel this list is failing that community, not because of a lack in 
information, but because of the way competent coders are treated when 
they ask for the benefit of other's experience.

Jason White


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