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Fri Jul 19 23:42:22 CDT 2002

Alright, its probably just my ignorance, but Data::Dumper is crap.
Its a great idea.  I even find it acceptable as a method, however, I cannot get it to work.
The darned eval returns a blessed reference and every time I try to access a method of a read object, I get "can't do some damned thing on unblessed reference."

ref($VAR1) is scalar
ref($$VAR1) is MyObjectType
ref($$$VAR1) is some non-scalar error.

I can't access this at any level I don't know how to typedef it to my object type (if that's even the problem).

I can't find one solid example of writing an object to file, reading that same object back into memmory, and accessing it.
I don't want a pointer to data I can't access, I want my object back.

Since I'm not dealing with quantaties of objects here (no more than 10-12 at a time) I'm going to make some wimpy ->To_XML / ->From_XML  or ->ToConfigGeneral / -> FromConfigGeneral functions and do it that way.  I would still like to use Data::Dumper as I think it is a better model and I hate to think I resorted to an XML parser because I couldn't make a common module work.

Jason White
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