Meeting Place [was: Introduction to Testing with Test::More]

Joshua Keroes joshua_keroes at
Thu Jul 11 14:18:31 CDT 2002

On (Thu, Jul 11 10:52), MarkyMoon wrote:
> [snip]
>  Oh yeah let's have the next meeting in the Rose and Raindrop's walk
> in fridge ; )
> Send more beer,
> That  pesky Mark guy

Well... The Rose and Raindrop *does* have a room that seats 22 (bottom
floor in the back) It has a $100 minimum for use, which, if we put
our minds to it, shouldn't be that hard to clear.

It's available one the first or second Weds for the next two months.

It's an option, and an air-conditioned one at that. :-)

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