Introduction to Testing with Test::More

MarkyMoon markymoon at
Thu Jul 11 12:52:09 CDT 2002

Hi Kids,

 First, I wanted to thank chromatic for his presentation last night.
Testing (among other things) has been a mystery to me, but it didn't
involve nearly as many chicken bones and chanting as I'd feared.

 Also, since so many of our presenters (Austin's
Debug::Toolkit/Randal's many talks) have prepared nifty visual aides
for the meetings and there were recent discussions of an online
PDX-PM library... is there any chance of archiving the slides (or
summaries of the presentations) on the site for future Mongrel...
err, Monger viewing? I know that in six month's I'll wish I could
remember details from merlyn's explanation of the Stonehenge
make-over for example.

 Oh yeah let's have the next meeting in the Rose and Raindrop's walk
in fridge ; )

Send more beer,
That  pesky Mark guy



@a = ("a".."z"," ","-","!","\n");foreach $b (
8,12,8,3,28) {print $a[$b]};print $a[29];                           

chromatic wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've put the slides from tonight's presentation on my website.  You're welcome
> to download them.  (I did correct the one error I noticed in the slides, but
> not the potential error in Test::More.)
> You're also welcome to read the two articles I've written for  They
> should be tackled in order:
> The first is a slightly more prose-ish variant of the slides.  The second is a
> fairly detailed look at the process of "mocking".
> Enjoy,
> -- c

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