Joshua Keroes joshua_keroes at
Wed Jul 10 12:16:21 CDT 2002

Look in your web server's error log. Lots of well, errors and stuff
end up there. :-)

Are you sure that the webserver has enough access (read: permissions)
to change news.xml? Chances are: the webserver is run as "nobody"
and you last touched the file as "akilbey" or something.

Do you realize that your script won't display a success or failure
webpage? You'll need to dynamically write a webpage in this program
for that sort of behaviour. See these CGI tutorials for info. Ooh,
and lookee! Ovid has a tutorial of his own up there in neon lights
and all!


On (Wed, Jul 10 10:00), Aaron Kilbey wrote:
> So I used the following from yesterday:
> ---------------------------------------
> ---------------------------------------
> $url="\&o=xml";
> $file="news.xml";
> use LWP::Simple;
> &getstore( $url, $file );
> ---------------------------------------
> ...and when I run "bash$ perl" it writes news.xml fine, but
> when I try to do http://myserver/cgi-bin/ in a web browser,
> news.xml
> is not updated ??? - a.

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