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Wed Jul 10 12:00:14 CDT 2002

So I used the following from yesterday:


use LWP::Simple;
&getstore( $url, $file );

...and when I run "bash$ perl" it writes news.xml fine, but
when I try to do http://myserver/cgi-bin/ in a web browser,
is not updated ??? - a.

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--- Aaron Kilbey <aaronkilbey at> wrote:
> Aloha everybody - 
> I'm attempting to issue an http request through lynx to save an XML
> to a local server. 
> Here's the code:
> #!/usr/bin/perl
> system("lynx -dump
> > news.xml"); 

A more portable solution:

  use LWP::Simple;
  getstore( $url, $file );

Or better:

  mirror( $url, $file );

You can verify this from the command line:

  perl -MLWP::Simple -e

You'll also want to check the is_success() function in that module.

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