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Curtis Poe cp at onsitetech.com
Tue Jul 9 16:19:17 CDT 2002

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> >>>>> "Curtis" == Curtis Poe <cp at onsitetech.com> writes:
> >> Here's the scoop:  when the person who was previously running pdx.pm
> >> he did not provide any passwords to the pm.org server or to the
> >> mailing list.  I have the pm.org issue cleared up (otherwise, there
> Curtis> wouldn't
> >> be a Web site), but I have never had admin access to majordomo.
> There are people a short email distance away that have access
> to the majordomo.  There's no need to set up a new list.

I suspected that, but the email I received when I started pdx.pm back up
implied (to me, at least) that I needed to start the list over if I needed
administrative control.  I guess I should have read more closely.

I'll check that out.



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