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Jason White jasona at inetarena.com
Wed Jul 24 19:33:27 CDT 2002

Many things in life are a matter of perspective.  Mine changed significantly when I read an email regarding the function of this list.  I subscribed to this list at least two years ago, maybe more, after writing my first few perl scripts (Like making command line amp play random mp3s continuously and a fairly complex auto-player for an online game).  I signed up so that I could monitor threads and pick up some useful pointers over time without having to wait until I had a problem to drop in and expect answers.  I picked this list because it was the first local perl user list that I found.  Perl Mongers doesn't detail their charter and I assumed this was a good place to ask newbie kinds of questions if I needed someplace to ask them.

After reading in more detail about what happens at PM meetings and reading an email about this being more of a meeting and agenda list, I realize that I have been thinking of this list incorrectly.  I realize now that the sometimes months of no threads and the only help related ones usually being quite complex, are because this is not a help desk.  I appologise for the pieces of my complaints that were centered around the quality of help recieved.

Additionally, I appologise to Tkil, the metaphor war was uncalled for(try saying that 3 times fast!) and I didn't mean you explicitly, I meant the general response.  It was gracious for you to write so thorough an example after I was unpleasent to you.
(And just so you know, many people came to your defense out of list)

For the record, I have read the core O'reilly books and keep them around for reference, however, I don't use perl every day and sometimes things get fuzzy.  Sometimes it is difficult to find information that you guys take for granted.  For example, when I didn't know what qw() was.  Try finding it documented in an O'reilly book, used extensivly, not documented.  (I didn't ask questions like that here, I found them on my own).  I just recently learned of perldoc and perlfunc. To my recollection, they aren't listed in any of the books I've read, or suggested on any of the sites I've been to.  What I would like to know is where I can find a table of the subjects available via perldoc. `perldoc perltoot` is not intuative and I think its strange when people ask why I haven't looked there, What I would like to know is How do I know its there?  Where do I learn that if I want to know about OOP, I want perltoot, not perloop or ooperl?

Jason White

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