[Pdx-pm-list] Re: Mailing list etiquette

Masque masque at pobox.com
Tue Jul 23 18:45:25 CDT 2002

Personally, I think it's best to boil it down to this and this alone:

Reasonable person principle applies.

Now, this assumes that most people on the list are reasonable people!  I 
think that's true in this case.  Any of you who disagree can BITE ME.  
Er, wait a minute....

The community is capable of policing itself.  If people think a behavior 
should stop, they can stop it.  The role of the list owner should be an 
administrative one and he should not be required or expected to enforce 
things.  If the list decides something, let it be, but otherwise it's 
best to let things go.

If the community tolerates a behavior there can be no stopping it.  If 
the community is intolerant of a behavior there will be no starting it.  
It really can be that simple.

My -personal- vote:  Play nice, kids.  :)


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