Next meeting

Curtis Poe cp at
Thu Feb 28 10:04:25 CST 2002

Hi all,

The next meeting is Wednesday, March 13th.  Location is undetermined, but
we've been thinking about A Beautiful Pizza at 3341 SE Belmont.  Phone is

It's my understanding that they have a room we might be able to use.  We can
scout the room and see if it will work for us.  Other suggestions are

The next meeting, incidentally, is just a social one.  I'd like to be able
to discuss how the meetings have been so far and if any suggestions or
improvements can be made (or alternate locations provided!).  Of course, if
you have any general Perl issues that you would like to discuss, those are
welcome, too :)

"Ovid" on
Someone asked me how to count to 10 in Perl:
push at A,$_ for reverse q.e...q.n.;for(@A){$_=unpack(q|c|,$_);@a=split//;
shift at a;shift at a if $a[$[]eq$[;$_=join q||, at a};print $_,$/for reverse @A


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