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>>>>> "Curtis" == Curtis Poe <poec at> writes:

Curtis> That being said, I can see now that I simply failed to do the
Curtis> math and trying to do too much.  So, what I need to do is
Curtis> rethink this somewhat.  The first change should probably be
Curtis> focusing on having them create a smaller, but fun, program
Curtis> (any suggestions?) and second, getting a good introduction to
Curtis> Perl culture (why didn't I have this the first time?).

In 8 hours, you can spend 4 hours "in depth" getting to a sample
program that uses decision and repetition (if, while) and scalars.
But you probably won't get to arrays.  But then you can use the other
4 hours to do a quick "survey of the remaining land", and show example
syntax for each of the other concepts... just enough to say "Perl can
do this, and here's how to find out where".  Maybe it's more sales
than training, but if you whet the appetitite, and at least give good
keywords so they know what we're talking about, they'll feel OK to
come to the meetings.  In 4 hours you can probably cover 200 bullet
points at a minute or so a piece.  So just pick 200 mini-topics and
give a sample line of code.  You can group them (maybe 20 each on
array and hash) for better comprehension.

That's probably what I'd do with 8 hours for a newbie.

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