[Pdx-pm] Meeting tonight

Todd Caine tcaine at eli.net
Wed Dec 11 13:11:57 CST 2002

It sounds like the Rose and Raindrop has no appreciation for repeat customers.  I would like to try a different e

We could meet up at the Rabbit Hole Restaurant/Mad Hatter Lounge.  It is located at 203 SE Grand Ave.  They have
plenty of seating upstairs and the staff is usually friendly.




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On (Wed, Dec 11 10:24), Curtis Poe wrote:
> I'm reserving the balcony section at the top, so that's why they have a
> minimum.  I suppose we could just "show up", but that could make matters
> worse as there might not be space for us.
> Speaking of worse, while we've been reserving that space every month for
> almost a year, I'm a bit disappointed to see them making a big deal out of
> this.  Once while I was out of town, Christian reserved the space for me and
> they were demanding his credit card number to hold the space, something they
> had *never* previously done with me.  When I reserved the space this time, I
> objected to the $100.00 minimum as they had never held us to it before, but
> they were pretty adamant about it.  Then they brought up the credit card
> issue again.  Grr...
> Had they simply stuck to this policy up front, that would have been fine.
> However, after a year of this and having Rose and Rain Drop playing "Guess
> which shell the policy pea is under this month", I'm getting a bit tired of
> them.

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