December 13th Meeting

Mark ice-pirate at
Wed Nov 28 16:12:53 CST 2001

Curtis Poe wrote:

> Well, it looks like the Thursday, December 13th meeting is a go.  Two possible venues:
> Lucky Labrador Brew Pub @ 915 SE Hawthorne Boulevard (  They have plenty
> of seating.  Minors allowed until 9:00 PM.  They also have a private room, but it's $100.00. 
> Unless people want to pitch in, we'll be in the common area.
> McMenamins Pub @ 1504 NE Broadway, Suite 900 (  If
> I recall correctly, there's more seating at the Luck Lab, but McMenamins allows minors until 10:00
> PM.
> If you can make it, send email to the list with a vote on where you'd like to be.  Then we'll go
> to the Broadway location anyway ;)  Actually, the main point of the RSVP is to get an idea of how
> many people we're likely to have at future meetings.

I prefer McMenamins, but it's not a strong preference.  I'll be 
there in whichever location.



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