December 13th Meeting

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Wed Nov 28 16:09:42 CST 2001

>>>>> "Curtis" == Curtis Poe <poec at> writes:

Curtis> Well, it looks like the Thursday, December 13th meeting is a
Curtis> go.  Two possible venues: Lucky Labrador Brew Pub @ 915 SE
Curtis> Hawthorne Boulevard (  They have
Curtis> plenty of seating.  Minors allowed until 9:00 PM.  They also
Curtis> have a private room, but it's $100.00.  Unless people want to
Curtis> pitch in, we'll be in the common area.

Since we've been to McMs a couple of times now (or at least I have,
recently :-), how about the lab... that'd be good.

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