MS Sql server and Perl

Mark Hartley mark at
Fri Nov 23 11:22:12 CST 2001

OK, I have a question for the group.  I've got a Perl web-based
app which I've been using Mysql as the back end database.  The
plan was that this was going to be migrated to either Oracle or
DB2 as the back end, but I had a curve ball thrown at me, and
someone made a decision (a bad one in my opinion) that I would
have Microsoft SQL server as my database.  This isn't a decision
I am going to be able to change.

I've done some searching on the net and on CPAN for modules to
talk to the database (DBD drivers/etc), and I've found one module
called DBD::FreeTDS which can directly talk to MS SQL (however that
appears to not even exist anymore).

So, my real question is: what is the best method for being able to
talk to a MS Sql server?  Anybody with a fair bit of experience in
doing this?  Any gotchas I should look for?  Any books/websites I
should go to?


perl at

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