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Wed Nov 21 16:34:44 CST 2001

Excellent, I figured as much (since the 18th was not a Thursday), but I just
wanted to confirm.  Sounds like a great time for me.  Any suggestions yet on
where to meet?

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> "How does Thursday, December 13th at 8:00 pm sound to everyone?"
> ...
> "Send email to the list if you can make the Dec. 18th meeting"
> So which date is it? ;)
>  -Ian

Heh, and people wondered why there was a Y2K problem.  Reminds me of a
stupid little Haiku I composed before the year 2000:

    Is Y2K real?
    The problem's being solved by
    Men who can't find dates

The PC side of me wants to point out that not all programmers are men, but I
couldn't get that to fit into the 5-7-5 Haiku structure :)

I meant December 13.

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