Input TYPE=FILE Error Checking

Jeff Zucker jeff at
Tue Nov 20 18:50:58 CST 2001

Curtis Poe wrote:
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> From: "Jeff Zucker" <jeff at>
> > I suppose you could print back the original file location as a hidden
> > field and have javascript fill in the file upload field automatically or
> > something like that.  If that's possible (I haven't messed with
> > javascript for years so I don't know), then it's yet another security
> > hole in javascript :-(.  You could also just print it to a regular text
> > field and prompt the user to cut and paste it into the file upload
> > field.  A bit more work for the user, but better than them turning over
> > their hard drive contents to unknown webmasters.

> No, that won't work.  Using the file field requires manual intervention on
> the part of the person using the browser.  Further, they have to use the
> "Browse" button.  Simply typing in the name of the file will not work.

I suppose that might be true on some browsers.  I just tried it on
Nutscrape 4.7 and Exploder 5.0 and they both let me type in a filename
without touching the browse button and my script uploaded the file fine.


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