Input TYPE=FILE Error Checking

Curtis Poe cp at
Tue Nov 20 18:37:30 CST 2001

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From: "Jeff Zucker" <jeff at>

> I suppose you could print back the original file location as a hidden
> field and have javascript fill in the file upload field automatically or
> something like that.  If that's possible (I haven't messed with
> javascript for years so I don't know), then it's yet another security
> hole in javascript :-(.  You could also just print it to a regular text
> field and prompt the user to cut and paste it into the file upload
> field.  A bit more work for the user, but better than them turning over
> their hard drive contents to unknown webmasters.
> --
> Jeff

No, that won't work.  Using the file field requires manual intervention on
the part of the person using the browser.  Further, they have to use the
"Browse" button.  Simply typing in the name of the file will not work.

Curtis Poe
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