Perl nerds: is rolling out!

Gene Boggs gene at
Tue May 29 18:24:40 CDT 2001

  *** This is not not spam! :-) ***

Fellow geeks:

For a while, I have threatened to create a Perl users group for Bend, and
now it's done!  I have submitted a request to to start a new user
group, and am awaiting approval.

This will be a monthly user group with *no* "dues" - it's open source!  We
will likely alternate between technical and social meetings.  This is an
*excellent* way for folks to share information and rub elbows.  It's also
a great opportunity for recruiters and employers to mingle with real live
programmers.  :-)

Of course, I hope to wrangle some great speakers to visit our humble
metropolis...  So, please mention to your perl-slinging friends, that a
new Perl users group is right around the corner in good ol' Bend, Oregon!

(Since perl is so incredibly useful for the Internet, a web-developer 
group will likely evolve out of the folks involved (or their associates)
to occur immediately before or after.)

Special thanks goes to Greg Freeman (, a long-time client of 
mine, is sponsoring and physically housing the website and the (majordomo)
mailing list.  When it goes through, you will be able to access  From there, you will be able to browse our mailing
list archives.  Also, he is willing to host meetings in his (small but DSL
enabled) downtown office for us.  YAY!  Thanks Greg!!

Ivan Snyder, of Cafe Internet, offered to be a meeting location with yummy 
edibles and bandwidth.  Excellent!  Thanks Ivan!

Write back to me directly if you are interested in the details, and I will
mail again with the specifics when they surface.  :-)

Gene Boggs <gene at>
Software Engineer at-large


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