Newbie with RegEx question

MarkyMoon markmoon at
Sat Jun 2 16:00:51 CDT 2001

Hi everyone,

 Now that things are starting to make a little more sense to me,
I've been going through the llama book (again) and I'm having a bit
of a problem understanding why 


will match a null set  "" (in addition to abc,abcabc, abcabcabc
etc.)... and WHY would you WANT to define a pattern that has the
possiblility of matching nothing? I can't think why that would be
useful. Any hints would be mucho appreciado. This is stated in
section dealing with Regular Expressions:Precedence (page 84). I
keep looking at it but now the page is just getting fuzzy and I may
cry soon.

Thanks in advance,
Mark Smith
My very first japh's!
(Sure... they're not fancy, but I'm a graphic designer dang-it!)

@a = ("a".."z"," ","-","\n");foreach $b (
2,10,4,17) {print "$a[$b]"};print $a[28];

--numero dos --

@a = ("a".."z"," ",",","\n","!");foreach $b (
17,0,13,3,0,11,28) {print "$a[$b]"};print $a[28];

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