Damian Conway free presentation in portland - your input needed

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I too suffer from pre-monger syndrome.  What are the recommended
local sources of dealing with the condition?  What stage of
self-organization are the pm's of Portland?  Meetings likely in
the near or far future?

Appreciate the dialogue here.

Michael Mitchell

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Leuth Bartels wrote:

> Would it be
> inappropriate of me to attend one of the group gathering sessions, even
> though I am only an *aspiring* PERL monger?

Well, I suppose there would actually have to *be* "group gathering
sessions."  I've only attended two Perl Mongers meetings and both of those
were in Amsterdam.  Needless to say, I'd rather not have to travel to Europe
to attend said meetings.  Amsterdam.pm had Perl programmers of all levels
(Johan Vromans, Abigail, and lowly ol' me, amongst others), so I suspect
that Portland.pm, if it ever meets, would have no problem with your

> I would like to take actual classes in PERL (I think) and am wondering if
> the Damian Conway classes would be too far over my head.  I am also more
> than willing to pay for any *tutoring* (with beer or even real money.)

Not having attended any of his classes, I am only hazarding a guess, but I
suspect that much of the beauty of his classes would be lost without at
least an intermediate knowledge of Perl.  The code that he writes is very
impressive, but not for the faint of heart.  On the other hand, I also
understand that his talks are very humorous, so it may be worth it.

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