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Curtis Poe poec at
Mon Dec 17 13:26:43 CST 2001

Hello all,

The last Perl Mongers meeting was a great success.  We had between 15 and 20 people (depending on
how you counted) and a lot of great discussion, some of it even about Perl.

I was concerned that there was no convenient way to schedule future meetings without *someone*
being left out, but there was a unanimous agreement that Wednesdays work well.  Barring something
unforeseen, future meetings will be monthly on the second Wednesday of the month.  We could still
use more suggestions on office space.

Also, if anyone has ideas for technical talks they would be interested in or are willing to give,
please let us know!  Some ideas include:

    Common CGI security issues (I might give this talk)
    Writing Inline code (embedding another programming language in Perl)
    Using Parse::RecDescent
    Regular expression tricks
    Obfu Perl explanations
    Perl Object-Oriented Persistence

I have no idea of the relative skill level of people on this list, so the above categories may be
too basic or too advanced (I suspect both, depending on the audience).  More ideas and feedback
are welcome.  I've also thought a talk on beginning perl might be interesting.  This would be
aimed more at those interested in whether or not Perl would be suitable for them and perhaps would
be held on a different evening.  Who knows?

The next Perl Mongers meeting:

    Date:     Wednesday, January 9th.
    Subject:  Randal Schwartz will discuss new features Perl6.
    Location: Onsite! Technology offices
    Address:  333 SE 3rd, Portland, OR
    Time:     8:30 PM

I'd like to have a social meeting before hand.  If you plan to be there, please let me know as
soon as possible so I can figure out a nice restaurant close to here.  A small bar/restaurant
named Produce Row is just around the corner and we can walk to the offices, but if we have a large
turnout, it may be too small.

Again, if you have ideas for talks you'd like to see or give, please let me know!

Curtis "Ovid" Poe

Senior Programmer
Onsite! Technology (
"Ovid" on

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