PDX Perl Mongers September meeting

Tom Phoenix rb-pdx-pm at redcat.com
Fri Aug 31 10:08:09 CDT 2001

It's happening! The PDX (Portland) Perl Mongers are getting together for a
meeting! Wow! Amazing!

In my experience, there are three kinds of meetings among Perl Mongers'
groups. There are the technical meetings, where people talk about the
workings of Perl. There are the social meetings, where people drink lots
of beer. And finally, some meetings start out technical, but end up
social. This one is happening in a pub, so draw your own conclusions.

    When:	Tuesday the 11th of September

    Start:	6:00 PM, or whenever you can get there

    Stop:	8:30 PM, or whenever they kick us out

    Who:	We don't know. But see below.

    Where:	Bridgeport Brew Pub
		1313 NW Marshall Street
		Portland, Oregon 97209

This is located in Portland's historic "Pe(a)rl" district. (The website
below actually spells it "Perl". Those silly web admins.) You can get
there very conveniently by using the new Portland Streetcar, but it's also
accessible via hovercraft, pogo stick, or transporter. It's 7.8 minutes
away from Powell's Technical Books, if you travel on a bicycle built for
two. Let me know if you need ICBM coordinates.


It's a no-smoking pub; with apologies to you fans of that other Camel.
Here's more info, which uses a different spelling of "Perl District":


I'll be there, of course, and Randal Schwartz is going to try to make it.
He and I are the authors of the new third edition of the Llama book
(Learning Perl) which we released at the Perl conference last month, so
it's a very new book. We love it, and we'd love to hear from you folks
about it.

But we're not meeting to sell books, we're meeting to chat with Perl
folks. So bring your Perl questions, your Perl stories, your Perl code,
your Perl divers, your Perl friends, your Perl humor, and of course your
Perl money, because you get to buy your own Perl drinks and your own Perl
snacks. (They've got pretty good stuff at Bridgeport. But if a couple of
you want to sit around and not eat or drink anything all evening, they'll
probably let you stay with the rest of us for free.)

When you get to the Bridgeport, you can find the other Perl Mongers by
walking up to random people in the pub and asking "Dollar underscore?
Dollar underscore?" If they say, "Hey, another Perl person!", then you've
found us. If they have you arrested for making lewd suggestions (at
cut-rate prices) they probably don't do Perl.

Alternatively, you could hunt for me (and probably Randal). We're
conspicuous. Here's our picture.


RSVP? No, don't bother; just show up. Hope to see you there!

Tom Phoenix       Perl Training and Hacking       Esperanto
Randal Schwartz Case:     http://www.rahul.net/jeffrey/ovs/


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