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Sean and Sue Kelley shkelley at nstep.net
Tue Apr 10 14:37:24 CDT 2001

Hello everyone,
My name is Sean Kelley.  I am originally from Milwaukie but I moved to Idaho for Ricks college and I am still working on my associates in CS.  I have three great kids and I am LDS and I only have one wife don't worry:)  I have been reading your email posts and I finally got the, well, ambition to write and say hi.  Hi.  Ok.  Well I feel I am still an Oregonian and I am somewhat living through you guys missing Oregon and I do love perl and my family of course:)
Some day I will come back.  Oh, yes, I will. Not to my family, I am still with them.  I meant Oregon.  I try to tell people that the Oregon rain is wonderful but when I am in Portland the news complains about it.  
Well I am done blabbing.  Have a nice day:)
And sorry Randal for not being able to be there to support you in your problems.  You could tell the law to email me and I will tell them you write nice emails.:)
Sean H. Kelley
shkelley at nstep.net

PS.  How do I go about getting a cool email like Larry at Wall.org well I would probably use something a little different like Sean at kelley.org.
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