on Impatience

Todd Caine todd_caine at eli.net
Fri Oct 27 16:45:34 CDT 2000

> I would like to see PDX.pm revive itself. This is my attempt to help.

Ahh.  I was just speaking with a co-worker yesterday about how dead pdx.pm

> My proposed plan of action is to have a social meeting sometime within the
> next week, and at that meeting try to plan a tech meeting for maybe two
> weeks from now.

That sounds great.  Who would be putting on the technical meeting?


> What I would like to hear from everyone is:
>   * Whether there are enough interested people to bother about this

I'm interested.

>   * Where and when we should do the social meeting

How about November 8th, your place, 7:00 pm???

>   * What potential topics there would be for a tech meeting

-POE (perl object environment)
-XS programming
-Perl Internals
-mod_perl vs FastCGI
-Real Time Programming with Perl (IPC, Semaphores, Message Queues, Shared


Todd Caine


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