on Impatience

Colin Kuskie ckuskie at tality.com
Fri Oct 27 16:41:34 CDT 2000

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Daniel Chetlin wrote:

> What I would like to hear from everyone is:
>   * Whether there are enough interested people to bother about this

Count me in.

>   * Where and when we should do the social meeting

I'd suggest somewhere a little more central for the social meeting.
Beaverton or Portland.

>   * What potential topics there would be for a tech meeting

An excellent topic of discussion for the social meeting as tech topics
would be determined by the skill and interests of those present.

> I am willing to talk about anything, though I don't have any particular
> topic in mind right now. In discussing possibilities with a co-worker,
> we came up with a few ideas:
>   * HTML::Parser and friends
>   * RExen
>   * Overloading operators
>   * Generating dynamic web content (beyond CGI.pm)
> That's just really off the top of our heads, though, and meant to spark
> ideas. I'm also working on a paper about default scoping in Perl, but
> it's mostly talking about how other languages do it, so I'm not sure
> it'd be of interest.

Perl is organic.  By learning about how other languages work we
decide what to change and what to leave be.



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