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Daniel, thanks for a great talk the other night.  I've been
experimenting with TreeBuilder.  Here's a snippet that will change the
base href if one exists, or insert one if none exists.  (Not that I ever
use base hrefs, I did it up in response to the clpm user who requested
it, but he was too rude to Randal for me to send it to him.)  Is this
how you'd do it?

# sub insert_base {
    my($html_string,$new_URI) = @_;
    use HTML::TreeBuilder;
    my $tree = HTML::TreeBuilder->new;
    my $head = $tree->look_down('_tag','head');
    my $base = $tree->look_down('_tag','base')
            || $head->new('base');
    $base->{href} = $new_URI;
    $html_string = $tree->as_HTML;

Interestingly this works regardless of whether the original HTML
includes a head tag or not, since TreeBuilder seems to insert one if
none exists. 

Also, I wanted to mention a great resource one might want to use in
conjunction with HTML::Parser or HTML::TreeBuilder -- the w3's tidy.exe
program that does a good job of cleaning up bad HTML and producing XHTML
and several other tasks.


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