Intro and two questions

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Wed Nov 1 18:03:22 CST 2000

++ 01/11/00 15:28 -0800 - John Sechrest:

> 1) In my Unix System admin class, [...] I need to come up with 30
> short perl scripts that I would use as an assignment.

Off the top of my head:
1. You can play with df and du output.

2. You can muck about with processes, how about a program that
   displays processes, in a tree, with parents at the left?

3. reimplement lesser-versions of cron, locate, ls, find, & sort.
Note: make sure your students don't cheat and use the implementations
from the Perl Power Tools.

> 2) Thru a trick of fate, I have a system that has perl 5.6.0 on it,
> but all the libraries are 5.005.0... [How do I update 5.6.0 with the
> 5.005 modules?]

/path/to/perl5.005 -MCPAN -e autobundle

`perldoc CPAN` for more info.

/path/to/perldoc/in/5.005_dist perllocal
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