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Dennis McNulty dmcnulty at
Sun May 21 22:39:47 CDT 2000

A self-intro after attending the meeting at WhoSong & Larry's.

I work for that big Federal power agency in Vancouver.  Up to now, I've been using perl mostly to manipulate the exported text version of a specialized power-network "database" that has few native database capabilities (and its computational capabilities aren't very good, either).  You get what the company pays for.  I only get 1 hour/week at most to work in Perl, so for now I'm just a step or two above novice.  

On the home front, I've got a self-imposed maintenance contract covering a spousal unit, a next-generation natural-intelligence-gathering & skateboard-riding unit, and a Springtime biomass overgrowth system.  Perl development there depends on the aforementioned units both gone to visit friends while the self unit stays.

BTW, in case you're interested in the Gatesian OS's, the HTML help system in ActivePerl for Win32 shows you how to access the scripting system built into the Gatesian big-league office applications.  There's even an example of how to do operations with the Outlook e-mail client.  A little more coding, and you could easily make a perl version of the "Love Bug" virus.  If you have an antivirus disk-sweeper (e.g. Norton AV), it will delete the html file that contains the example.   

-  Dennis McNulty

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