[Job Opening] Perl or C Programmer (fwd)

Eli Smith lordomar at speakeasy.org
Thu May 18 18:03:36 CDT 2000

Here's the skinny...

Really prefer PERL, but if no PERL, must be heavy Unix programming
Data Warehouse/Data Integrity Infrastructure	System Admin	Developer

Need to focus on development/programming skills in a Unix environment.  Can
have 'specialty' or 'focus' in one or more of above areas, but need to be
strong in development and be able to work as an individual contributor in a
strong team environment.

Must have recent experience with coding and unit testing Unix and
Client/Server Applications, using structured coding principles and
validating the database integrity against a known set of Business Rules. 

Must have recent and extensive Perl-scripting experience with Sun
Solaris/HP-UX operating systems.  Strong experience with shell scripting and
C a must.

Must have recent experience working with an RDBMS and be fluent in SQL.
Informix database is preferred, Oracle is a plus.

Indvidual needs to have structured software development and software process
experience, such as the Software Development Lifecycle (i.e., code review,
coding standards, white box component, level testing, user requirements,
gathering, etc.)

Experience developing data validation and database applications for Data
Warehouse environments is a major plus.

B.S. in Computer Science or EE, as the majority of end users have this

These should be senior people who can work independently, yet have good
team-building skills and can take direction well.  Flexibility is a must.

Interested parties please e-mail me, and I'll forward it on.

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