Exploring the deeper meaning of Perl

Masque masque at pound.perl.org
Thu May 18 09:37:48 CDT 2000

On Wed, May 17, 2000 at 09:14:11PM -0700, Mike Smith wrote:
> How about some projects (CGI/mod_Perl) to spruce up the PDX Mongers 
> website? Anyone have a wish list? That would give you (and others) a chance 
> to try things you may not have the opportunity to do otherwise, and make a 
> contribution to the cause as well.
> Just my 2 (binary ;u) bits.

Sounds like a great idea!  :]  I would be thrilled to coordinate such a thing, 
my only request being that we do it using HTML::Mason.  Any objections?

BTW: The box that currently hosts pdx.pm.org is going through some
administrative issues, and I am unable to gain access to the box until
this is all sorted out.  I know the web page is out of date; this will be
fixed as soon as possible.


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